Friday, September 29, 2006

Arvind is my new best friend!

A few days ago I tried Zoho Writer. I liked it, but had some trouble posting to my blog directly, which is exactly what I put in my post that I wrote out for the 23 Things project. Today, I had a comment on that post from Arvind from Zoho writer. He told me that they are having trouble with Blogger (he was more specific, but it was too technical for me) and gave me instructions for the workaround. So if you were wondering about the "Swift Brown Fox" post, that was what I created while testing/fooling around with Zoho Writer. And now I can post directly. Thanks, Arvind! See, I told you guys that Zoho Writer is cool!


At 9:08 AM, Blogger arvind said...

Hi Emily,

Sorry, just seeing your post. Thanks :-)

We will be fixing the 'post to blogger' issue real soon. Do write to me at aravind(at)zoho(dot)com if you have queries on Zoho.



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