Friday, September 29, 2006

Adults only?

The incentive for this 23 program is a USB-port MP3 player. While I like all the lofty goals of lifelong learning and educating myself and creating a work environment where we all discuss our recent technology finds and woes, a large part of my motivation in this project is the MP3 player. And the main reason I am excited to get one is for listening to audio books, so thing #22 is something I would have done anyway once I had the device.

The tutorial for using NetLibrary was great. I'm sure I'll have to watch it again once I actually have the player in order to figure out how to put the book on my new player. My computer is old enough that I'm fairly sure I can't use it with my computer, but I am hoping to be able to take advantage of my public library's resources and then transfer the book to my device.

I am an audiobook junkie. I always have one in my car, and if I'm going farther away than work, I usually have 2, just in case one is defective. Or boring. However, like my habits for reading books, most of the books I listen to are kid's books or young adult books. I haven't listened to an adult audio book since moving here 6 months ago, and I didn't listen to that many before, either. So my biggest disappointment while searching the library of eAudiobooks available through PLCMC is how few J and YA titles are available. Using only the subject heading, there are 3 Young Adult Classics (and I would have listed all of them as children's titles), 16 Children's Classics, and 15 Children's Fiction titles (and 12 of those 15 are by Brian Jacques). There was no general young adult category at all. Maybe YA titles are integrated with adult titles, but I tried an author search for several of my favorite YA authors and none of them resulted in any hits. One of the questions in the Discovery Exercise is, "Did you locate a title that you might want to try out and download once you have your player?" Well, I'm sure I could, but I couldn't find what I wanted, which would be current, popular J and YA titles.


At 12:31 PM, Blogger Matt said...

I will try it too. Who are some of your favorite YA authors?? WHat have you been reading lately?

At 10:13 PM, Blogger LibraryLil said...

Chris Crutcher, Laurie Halse Anderson though I haven't read "Prom," Carolyn Mackler, John Green. I have more favorite YA titles than authors, probably. There are lots out there that I really liked, but haven't had a chance to go back and read anything else they've written. Examples: "Shakespeare bats cleanup" "One of those Hideous Books where the mother dies" "boy meets boy." I'm reading "The Boy Book," sequel to "The Boyfriend List" right now. And "An Abundence of Katherines" is next. I haven't been reading much YA lately because I've reading a lot of J (I am a children's librarian after all) but I realized I hadn't read much YA lit in the past 6 months.


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