Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Taking Technorati Tags for a Trial Run

I went to Technorati to play around with using tags to find blogs. For the most part, I don't really like to read blogs of people I don't know, since blogs are all opinion and I don't really want to read what perfect strangers think. I tried searching for PLCMC using each of the three search options. In tags led only to Helene Blowers' blogs, in directory led to one of hers and one from Lori Reed, and in text led to lots of options, thanks to all of us buzzing blogging bees. I also played with the popular search button, but I didn't really want to pursue those, since I don't really see the point in reading strangers' opinions.

One thing I learned is to limit your search by language. The first time I searched for the term "quilt" in tags, the first several hits were in character languages that I can not read. I saw some pretty quilt pictures, though. And I redid the search limiting to blogs in English.


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