Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Through wind and rain and weather...

It's raining quite heavily today, hence the title. Well, that, and I'm working on thing #12: Rollyo. Twelve is (and always has been) my lucky number as well as my favorite number, so I always pay special attention to the 12th thing on lists. Rollyo is a neat idea: put a group of your favorite web sites together so that you can search only those sites that you already find reliable. I think it's a neat idea, though I don't understand why you would put too much trust into a Rollyo search engine that someone else created, since you'd be taking someone else's word for reliability, and the point seems to be that you can choose sites specifically because you already trust them. But I clearly am a bit wary of taking the work of someone else who I don't know, as you can tell from these past few posts.

Anyway, Rollyo seems like a neat concept, and the interface to create your own engine is very user friendly. I created a search for quilting tips. I put in about seven sites. All of them feature free quilting tips or information; I tried to stay away from commercial sites.

Powered by Rollyo

I searched for "mitered borders" and it worked quite well. Happy searching!


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