Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Yesterday, I posted about YouTube and videos there. I didn't link to any, because I didn't find any that I both liked enough to share and felt were appropriate for a work environment. Today, I was checking the blog of a young adult author I like (and actually went to school with, though I didn't know him) and he found a google video that is a fake trailer for his Printz-Award winning novel, Looking for Alaska. It's actually pretty true to the book, and it's a good advertisement. I guess this group of kids made the video for an English assignment. Since I didn't link to any yesterday, I'll do it today instead. This will actually take you to his blog post. I wasn't sure how to get the code to put it in my blog, since I found it somewhere other than the google video. I'm guessing it's more entertaining if you've read Looking for Alaska.


At 10:47 AM, Blogger Matt said...

You went to school with John Green!!! NO WAY!!! Lucky! I love Looking for Alaska. I can't wait for An Abundance of Katerines to come out! John Green went to a boarding school in my hometown!



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