Wednesday, August 30, 2006

RSS, or, Really Something Special?

The big thing this week in PLCMC's Library 2.0 project is RSS. So I went to bloglines and created an account, as required. I'm reserving judgment on this particular piece of technology. On the one hand, it seems to me that it really isn't a whole lot different than bookmarking your favorite sites to visit again. I mean, I figure out what info I want, I type it in to bloglines, and then whenever I go to bloglines, I can click and instantly have it in front of me. Other than the going to bloglines part, it just doesn't feel different to me. But I've been using it for a day, and I will give it some time and see if I really love it after using it.

Of the feeds I'm getting: Unshelved, a fabulous comic strip set in a public library, local weather, the Library 2.0 feed, and PLCMC's recent reviews of Young Adult Fiction books. And that last one included a review by my friend and coworker!


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