Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Living Room

I promised my family more pictures of the house, and I'm going to see many of them this weekend, so I need to post a few.

The front door, from inside the house.

The Living Room, going around in a circle, for the most part. Obviously, taken at Christmas. Christmas Eve, I think.

It is important to note the cuckoo clock. I bought it in Germany in high school. It never worked. Cousin Tim and friend Josh both tried to fix it at one time or another. Friend A fixed it on Thanksgiving. Friend A wants bragging rights.

That counter is opposite the bookcases in the previous pictures. You can also see that the counter pretty much divides that space from the kitchen. That door hinge on the right side is the coat closet.

More pictures soon, I want to post the kitchen, but it won't photograph well in the dark, and I'm not home much in the light hours right now.


At 11:25 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Em, your house is just gorgeous!


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